Transcend Time

by Laura Barnett Sawchyn, IIDA TCW

Classic Designs to Last for Decades

As the year winds down, it's the perfect time to focus on the value of everything in our lives. More than ever, it's the tried and true that we find comfortable and reassuring - particularly in our homes. Think about the comfy chair in your family room, for instance. Such care went into its selection; down cushions, sumptuous fabric and sturdy construction to last a lifetime. You thought about how good it felt when you sat down and whether or not your family and guests would feel the same. You pictured yourself in your favorite cashmere sweater and blue jeans, curled up on a Sunday afternoon with the paper. When you think about it, really, all of your home furnishings evoke different emotions and memories, so make sure they're good ones.  Don't think you can make any interior investments right now? Shop around and you may be surprised. Good quality is not always expensive - it just looks and feels that way. You'll be glad you took your time, chose with care and consideration, and bought beautiful things to enjoy for years to come. The value of living with beauty is priceless.

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