The design house at the Merchadise Mart

Merchandise Mart

As a native Chicagoan, Laura Barnett Sawchyn designed this space in celebration of her city. Who cares if the weather is getting a little cooler, when you have this divine terrace in the heart of Chicago? Light the fire and curl up with a good book or invite friends over to eat, drink and enjoy the view. There’s nothing else like this urban panorama, it requires little embellishment, in fact—it demands simplicity and elegance as not to distract from the city’s natural attributes and architectural landscape. The classic contemporary design of the furnishings that Barnett has assembled coupled with the architectural elements that she has designed create her ideal outdoor space—a perfect balance to the irregularity and clamor of the metropolis below.

So the next time you’re out taking a walk and admiring one of the new contemporary buildings, stop in. Take the elevator up to the penthouse floor and join us out on the  terrace—don’t worry about a hostess gift, just remember to bring a sweater.

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